Ty Bello’s Fancy Diary – FANCY EXCLUSIVE: Hair secrets revealed

May 15, 2011 at 10:52 am. Posted by: Thefancyhub.com



Hey Fancy people,


Ty has decided to make a diary of of her ‘ Celebrity hub seat’ questions. She’s going to be taking your questions one by one and telling all.


Ty Bello’s hair is arguably the most coveted after in the industry, this diary revelation is what everyone’s been waiting! The most asked questions about TY Bello are about her hair, wha’ts her hair secret?  How does she keep it so soft, full, sleek, silky and shiny?  Is it her real hair, is it a weave?


Well, here’s her first entry into her fancy diary and she tells all. Enjoy!



@ ChicTherapy1 asked : What is her hair care regiment? #2 question-What is her hair care regiment?


@ Taaluko asked :  How does Ty Bello keep her hair so sexy?




Ty  Bello says:


My hair care regiment

Its taken me a couple of years of practice with natural hair texture to figure out what works for my hair.
I have natural hair and texturise very lightly though, because I start to have my hair break once my texturised curl pattern is different from that of my natural growth.
A few years ago, Banke Meshida introduced me to kinky curly, so I use the whole range.
I love my own hair, but work has me on the move all the time and I find that unless its twisted ,my natural hair tends to revert with naija humidity.. So my sisters.. I’ve learnt to love my weave.
A good weave that blends flawlessly with natural hair is … Sleek afro cool curl. You can get it at their stores in lagos. Ify Ugochukwu kept me stocked with those babies for years. Its really versatile so I blow dry and twist for a more natural finish.
My motto for weaves though, is to make sure its as close to your hair as possible. If any one has to ask,  “What weave is that ?”  Then you’ve failed.  I must confess that sometimes even I get carried away and pile on hair till I look like a tree.


I use to be a hairstylist for years so I cut and layer my own hair (yes! nautral hair is better layered to fit your face).  I’m looking forward to getting back into the hair business, maybe not as a stylist this time but I’ve been cooking up some potions for natural hair in humid weather, they actually work! Its funny cause I’ve been mixing stuff up for hair since I was eleven.
Yeah.. And warmed up shea butter mixed with shea oil is magic on the scalp, just let it warm up in the microwave a bit and slather on your scalp. I massage and leave on for hours before I wash.


Hope this helped my naturalistas, Leave a comment and let me know. Till next time on my FANCY diary.

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  1. demi says:

    wow!!!! cant believe its weave! looks so natural. i’m going to try the sleek afro cool curl as soon as i pull out the weave i have on. thanks Ty,u are d bestest!

  2. Chic Therapy says:

    My hair is natural and at times i like to add volume with a similar texture weave.Will mos def be on the look out for Sleek afro cool curl…Thanks for answering the question

  3. When In Rome says:

    How can one claim to be natural when they’re texturized? This is advice for texturized hair or people with natural weaves… We NEED someone with completely unprocessed hair who looks after it the right way.

    The only credible natural hair advice here is the shea butter one… Maybe the subject of this discussion needs to be changed because it’s just not the same. Sorry…

  4. 1960chick says:

    A lot of chicks have been waiting on TY to reveal the truth about her hair…It looks super natural. She defo has good hair…Bless


  5. Eni says:

    When I saw this post, I was excited that TY finally let her regimen out for gorgeous natural hair. But I am shocked as to what I am reading! Chemically processed hair that has been permanently altered is not natural so yes, I am a bit disappointed with the use of the term. Not that I’m against her choices for however she chooses to wear her hair, I just expect more knowledge on the subject matter both from TY and fancyhub.com.

    What this post is really talking about is texturized hair and a natural-looking weave. No problem at all because this is indeed another hairdo however I don’t see anything for natural hair (maybe the shea mention). This is certainly insight on how TY wears her hair BUT is absolutely not how to look after/style natural hair…
    In fact as it is, this post is more useful to relaxed/texturized/texlaxed hair than it is natural…. So it’s really all just misleading. Really. *sigh*

  6. Jade says:

    Excuse moi, @ Eni, who told you, you were coming to read how to take care of natural hair here. they said TY BELLO’S HAIR SECRETS REVEALED and TY BELLO SAID, MY HAIR CARE REGIMEN, who sent you here to come and read how to take care of natural hair that is not texturized? Please read properly before you start spewing stuff out.

    Thanks TY, always wondered about your gorgeous hair :)

  7. Suzie says:

    @ when in rome, they did not say they were telling you how to care for natural hair, they said they were telling u ty ello’s regimen, it wouldnt matter is her hair was relaxed, its her hair regimen she’s telling you, not how to care for natural hair,

    same goes for you @ Eni,

    Why are you guys mad cause you she didnt tell you how to cater for all the way natural hair, is she your mummy? or does she owe you anything.

    @TY I have always wondered about your hair, thanks for coming clean that it is a weave, none the less , it is always gorgeous and so natural looking, your hair itself is gorgy, cause thats what we see in front abi?

    Well done! I’m actually tempted to go the texturised root now if it means i can have hair like that

  8. jade says:

    Ty where can we buy ‘sleek afro curl’?

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  10. agnes says:

    Ty bello, i lov ur hair & i woud like my hair 2 be like ur’s, how do i go about it?.

  11. mima says:

    Its wonderful insite,I always thot it was natural…wisdom I say.I actually came across this article when looking for how to have natural hair that looks like your so my question is,is that possible?and how can that be done…am about to cut my dreads and I need to know I have an alternative before I do.

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