‘The J Label’ – A fashionistas perspective (An exclusive video by theFANCYhub productions)

June 24, 2011 at 8:38 pm. Posted by: Thefancyhub.com

Jewel by Lisa’s ‘J-LABEL’ Collection






Hey guys,



Toni Tones here. I hope everyone’s been having an awesome week. If you’re like me, then you couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday. It’s been a hectic week!



My team and I have been busy, busy, busy working on a new feature to bring you!



We’ve been working on a series of mini-docs (as I like to call them, an abbreviation for ‘mini-documentaries’) for our FANCY readers and we are excited to bring them to you!



We were not quite set to launch but when Jewel By Lisa offered us an exclusive preview of their new  diffusion line, ‘ the J-Label‘ before it hit the streets, we couldn’t resist…I mean hey, it’s JBL!



So we thought it’d be fun for bring in your everyday fashionistas and get them to take the clothes for a test run and of course, get the full deets of the collection from Lisa and her team. So we got FANCY girls Carmen Ohen, an asset manager  and Makida Moka, (model) and we were off.



The shoot was loads of fun, the JBL team made sure TheFANCYhub team felt totally at home, and it was all jokes, laughs and sunny smiles on set. I had a great time directing this mini-doc and my team were at their best making sure everything went seamlessly and quickly.  Yomi Black, my  D.O.P did a great job of  capturing my vision for the video and didn’t utter a word of complaint when we had to stay up all night editing the video, WITH NO COFFEE!!!!



I’ve included some behind the scenes photos especially for you :)



SO without further ado,  here’s the finished product. Enjoy!





Feel free to share the video, but credit and link to www.thefancyhub.com please. Thank you!






Lisa and I






Makida Moka







Carmen Ohen






Yomi Black – (D.O.P )


























Lisa and the FANCY girls













Zara Okpara – (JBL PR rep)


























That’s all from me folks, till next time, stay FANCY!


xxx  Toni Tones xxx




Photography by - Toni Tones for TheFANCYhub STUDIO


Video by – TheFANCYHub.com productions.



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